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Aesthetic dentistry

Of course, every person wants to have a snow-white and attractive smile. Fortunately, in the modern world this desire is feasible.

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Aesthetic dentistry in Minsk: restoration of teeth, correction of defects, veneers.

The April clinic is a modern dental center where you can solve all dental issues as soon as possible, including making an aesthetic dental restoration. Today, the latest technology allows you to turn any invasive procedure into a gentle intervention.

Our doctors with extensive experience constantly improve their qualifications, undergo courses, which allows them to masterfully master not only classical, but also the most modern and innovative methods for the restoration of teeth. The use of exclusively certified materials and equipment allows you to eliminate complications and to ensure the required result with minimal time.

Of course, every person wants to have a snow-white and attractive smile. But not everyone can boast the impeccable appearance of their teeth. Fortunately, in the modern world, any dental problem can be fixed. Doctors of the April Dental Center can provide their patients with the following services to restore the aesthetic appearance of the dentition:

  • restoration of chipped and cracked teeth;
  • correction of defects of tooth enamel;
  • elimination of interdental gap; extension, prosthetics, dental implants;
  • composite veneering; installation of ceramic veneers; installation of metal-free crowns and zirconia crowns;
  • implantation with the subsequent installation of the crown on the implant;
  • professional oral hygiene; AirFlow tooth cleaning;
  • laser whitening, photobleaching of teeth;
  • intracanal teeth whitening;
  • skyse installation.

In the dental clinic «April» the most modern dental materials, equipment and technologies are used:

  • light-curing materials for all types of dental restorations, including composite veneers;
  • metal-free press ceramics (IPS e.max system) for installing ceramic veneers and crowns;
  • ultrasonic cleaning of teeth with professional oral hygiene;
  • AirFlow system for teeth whitening and whitening;
  • teeth whitening materials of the latest generation manufactured in the USA and Germany;
  • laser for operations on soft tissues and during teeth whitening.

Prior appointment or consultation on the aesthetic restoration of teeth is required. The clinic works without days off.