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Implantation and prosthetics

In the dental clinic «April» all types of prosthetics and implantation of teeth are carried out.

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Orthopedic dentistry. Prosthesis and implantation of teeth in Minsk.

Timely treatment of the patient to the orthopedic dentist regarding the implantation and prosthetics of the teeth is extremely important. It is the competence of the orthopedist to solve the problems that affect both the aesthetic look of a smile (and, therefore, the patient’s good social adaptation, his confidence when communicating with other people), and the restoration of the chewing function, the value of which patients often underestimate.

Even the loss of one tooth leads to a significant decrease in chewing effectiveness. This may be followed by deformation of the dentition (when the adjacent teeth «take the place» of the lost one). The consequence of all this can be problems in the temporomandibular joint, the appearance of tinnitus, severe and frequent headaches, hearing loss. Treatment of such consequences is very difficult and rarely guaranteed effective.

Therefore, we recommend not to delay a visit to the orthopedic dentist in case of loss of even one tooth.

In the dental clinic «April» all types of prosthetics and implantation of teeth are carried out. The list of services in the field of dental orthopedics includes:

  • fixed prosthetics of teeth with metal-ceramic and metal-free structures;
  • fixed prosthetics with plastic crowns;
  • veneers (ceramic and composite);
  • removable dental prosthetics, all kinds;
  • microscopic prostheses (butterflies);
  • prosthetics on implants (dental implants).

You can find out the prices for prosthetics and implantation of teeth in Minsk in the April Clinic of Dental Clinic by phone or on the website in the appropriate section. The clinic works without days off.