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Therapeutic dentistry is engaged in the early detection of problems and diseases of the oral cavity.

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Therapeutic dentistry. Teeth treatment in Minsk at affordable prices.

The importance of therapeutic dentistry is difficult to overestimate, because it is specialists in this field who are engaged in the early detection of problems and diseases of the oral cavity, diagnosis and treatment of teeth and periodontal disease.

Finding a good dentist for dental treatment in Minsk, like in any other city, is not an easy task. Usually, it is complicated by the fact that people begin to look for the right doctor with pain in their teeth and in the event of a problem, for example, to treat caries, pulpitis, or canal filling. But many dental issues can be avoided if every six months you come for a check-up at a dentist-therapist and get your teeth cleaned with an ultrasound.

Such prevention is the best investment in your dental health. In the dental center «April» dispensary observation is one of the standard services. Our administrators will always remind the patient that the time has come for a routine dental examination.

In addition to routine inspection, we offer the following therapeutic services:

  • professional oral hygiene: ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, cleaning teeth from tartar using fluoride preparations;
  • restoration of teeth (hard tissue) using the best restoration materials made in the USA and Japan;
  • endodontic treatment: canal filling;
  • treatment of dental caries;
  • repeated endodontic treatment: canal retreatment, repeated tooth filling;
  • periodontal treatment: curettage of periodontal pockets, laser curettage.

Our doctors will be happy to help you maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile for many years!

To find out the prices for dental treatment, as well as make an appointment with the dentist the therapist of the April clinic, it is enough to call the number indicated in the contacts or go to the «Prices» page. The clinic works without days off.