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On this page you can read reviews of visitors to our center and leave your feedback.

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Vitaliy Germanovich

Many thanks to the April clinic! Many thanks to the doctor Elena Georgievna! The first in the life of a positive experience from a visit to the dental office. They explained everything to me, showed me, personally treated my problems. Professionalism and attentiveness of the doctor is beyond praise! Now I have found my family dentist.

Ilya Fokanov

An hour ago I had a tooth removed. Apparently, it was not very easy to remove. Although the removal itself took a little time.
My jaw still aches, but despite this, I want to express my great gratitude to Timur Gubanov, the surgeon.
The way he knows how to keep contact with the client during this unpleasant procedure should be included in the textbooks of psychology and dentistry. Thoughtfully, carefully and incorrectly what is called professional.
God forbid, of course (!), But if I have to go through this procedure again, I will go to him without a second thought. And I will recommend your center to all my friends.
The girl at the reception is friendly and obviously knows her job. So pleasant impressions from visiting your center begin from the front door.
It is strange to wish your center of prosperity, because with such an approach and prosperity staff you are doomed.

Specialist response: Thank you very much for your feedback!

Andrei Litosh

Thanks to Dr. Sapun Stanislav Andreevich for professionalism and attention! Awesome doctor and nice person!

Lilia Korzunova, Alla Dudikova, Denis Dudikov

We express our sincere gratitude to the whole team of the clinic, personally to the director Shileyko Irina Dmitrievna, doctors Kostyukevich Rimma Gennadievna, Sapun Stanislav Andreevich for the high professionalism, sensitivity, empathy for the patient's problems that go beyond the scope of dentistry. You Doctors with a capital letter. Low bow to you.

Alexander Kuznetcov

Our daughter was always afraid of people in white coats. Therefore, we selected the first doctor very carefully. On the recommendation of friends turned to Olga Yuryevna. Of course, it was not without persuasion, but there were no tears and cries. Many thanks to the doctor for patience and competent approach to the child. My daughter later said that the aunt was kind and it did not hurt, but for us this is the best result from the first visit to the dentist.

Irina Kononova

I have been healing teeth at Valentina Bobrik for more than a year now and I am very pleased. The quality of treatment is beyond praise! She used to work at Doctor Smile, now she also works at the new April Dental Center. It turned out that there are many doctors working with Doctor Smile. Prices in the new center are very reasonable, I am quite satisfied.