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Approximate prices for dental services. For details, contact our administrators.


Service Name
Price, bel.rub.
Consultation with a dentist 10,00

Consultation with an implant surgeon with 3D-record decoding


X-ray diagnosis of teeth

Aim shot of a tooth




from 8,00

Pediatric Dentistry
Prof. oral hygiene 35,00
Fluoride prevention of the oral cavity with prof. hygiene 14,00
Treatment of caries of children from 40,00
Treatment of pulpitis of children from 85,00
Milk tooth extraction 27,00

Sealing of fissures, 1 tooth

from 25,00

Prevention, oral hygiene
Professional oral hygiene from 51,00
Airflow Cleaning 62,00
Fluoride prevention of the oral cavity with prof. hygiene 14,00
Ultrasonic cleaning, 1 tooth from 4,00

Fluoro-lacquered teeth, 1 tooth

from 4,00

Treatment of caries and pulpitis (excluding anesthesia)
Caries Treatment from 65,00

Filling 1 root canal

from 75,00

Aesthetic dentistry
Composite Veneer 145,00
Ceramic veneer 630,00

Skyce (Dental Rhinestone)


Teeth whitening
Laser teeth whitening, 2 jaws 295,00
Intra channel bleaching, 1 tooth 85,00

Intra-channel laser whitening, 1 tooth


Gum Disease Treatment (Periodontology)
Curettage (instrumental and ultrasound), 1 tooth from 20,00
Splinting of teeth with fiberglass tape, 1 tooth from 68,00
Processing 1 pocket using a laser 35,00

Periodontal plasmolifting


Prosthetic dentistry (orthopedics)
Tab 77,00
Cermet crown 205,00
Metallacrylic, metal crown 130,00
Zirconia crown 630,00
Temporary (plastic) crown 75,00
Removable prosthetics from 450,00
Partially removable prosthesis on complex locks (quatrotti), etc.


from 960,00

Dental implantation
Implant installation (1st stage) from 495,00
Installing FDM (2nd stage) 95,00
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant (3rd stage) 440,00
Dioxide-zirconia crown on the implant (3rd stage)


Sinus Lifting

from 630,00

Surgical dentistry (including anesthesia
Permanent tooth extraction from 50,00
Wisdom Tooth Removal from 80,00
Tooth extraction with mobility 3, 4 degree 27,00
Removal of impacted tooth from 150,00
Using ultrasound system in surgery 55,00
Use of the patient’s autologous blood (PRF) components 95,00
Plastic Bridle Lips from 90,00

Plastic Bridles Tongue

from 120,00